This is The Mind of our Dojo

  Ryoma (AkioMinakami ©2015)

Ryoma (AkioMinakami©2015)

Karate training is to practice Ryukyu martial arts in order to find yourself and temper and forge your spirit to become a strong, kind and good person. To consult with your own conscience with a calm mind is essential, as is choosing to do good at all times and not wandering in the wrong direction.

When you look at the buds on a cherry tree, it doesn't bloom; but when you look at it few weeks later, the flower is blooming beautifully. So when you were looking at it the first time it was in the process of becoming a flower. Each moment we're working towards blooming. Therefore each second or moment we're in the process of becoming.

You can't become lazy and neglect working toward good deeds. If you do, then your bud might drop before it blooms into a flower. Let's keep that process in good shape. And bloom like the beautiful cherry blossom tree.

This is Minakami Karate.

 -Akio Minakami