Samurai Spirit "Think of Others First"

This is a true story about a 9 year old boy who survived the March 11, 2011 Tohoku Earthquake Tsunami disasters in Japan. A Vietnamese exchange student in Japan reported it. He went to the disaster area three days after the tsunami and earthquake as a member of a volunteer rescue party. When he arrived it was lightly snowing and very cold. The people there were struggling to keep themselves warm. The rescue group brought them hot soup. The recipients, old and young, man and woman, made a long line to receive soup one by one. The Vietnamese rescuer saw a boy wearing shorts and a T-shirt at almost the end of the line. He approached the boy and asked him, “Why aren’t you wearing more clothing?” The boy answered that the Tsunami and Earthquake hit during P.E. class at his school. He couldn’t get to his clothes because he had to evacuate to the top of his school building. From there he saw his father inside his car get engulfed by the huge wave. His sister and mother, who were a hundred meters away from his father’s car, were also swallowed by the tsunami. He is the only one in his family who survived the catastrophe.

After hearing this, the Vietnamese rescuer took the boy’s hand and walked him to the front of the soup line. There, he handed the boy his jacket to wear and a bowl of soup. The boy looked around at the line then told the rescuer, “I will borrow this jacket. But please give that soup to the next person because they have all been waiting for three days without anything to eat. They are all as hungry as I am.”  And then he went back to the end of the long line.

-Akio Minakami