We combine a fun, positive training environment with expert instruction for children of all ages. Junior Karate classes help children and teens develop coordination, confidence, self-discipline and respect for authority.

Karate has many benefits for children. With childhood obesity becoming more common and childhood type 2 diabetes at record highs, the importance of physical activity must not be ignored. Karate is a fun and interesting way for children to exercise but also prepares a child for life by developing four essential areas necessary to excel:


Self-Confidence: With encouragement and support from expert instructors and parents, they learn to rise to the occasion when faced with challenges.

Etiquette: Through the traditions of Karate, children learn to be polite and to respect their instructors, fellow-students, and parents.

Discipline/Concentration: Children react well to structure and discipline, and quickly develop self-discipline. A child's concentration is enhanced as they focus their mind on an objective and many parents notice a marked improvement in their child's concentration.

Fun: Karate is also a lot of fun for kids and their parents!

            Youth Sparring Group

          Youth Sparring Group

             "Spirit First"

           "Spirit First"


Karate training develops skills, awareness,and attitudes that extend to daily life. These include self-awareness, self-discipline, concentration, determination, and emotional control. 

  Opening Ceremony for Adult Class.

Opening Ceremony for Adult Class.

Body: Improve stamina, strength, and overall physical health and fitness.

Spirit: Build a strong, confident, and determined character.

Mind: Strengthen a positive mental attitude and a sense of accomplishment.

Minakami Karate offers you the opportunity to train and learn Hayashi-Ha Karate under the banner of the official organization, and through the guidance of an internationally acclaimed authority and instructor, Shihan Akio Minakami. 



Karate Gold is a specially designed class for adults and seniors who have certain injuries or body restrictions that make practicing in our regular, high-intensity Karate classes difficult. Many students who are in perfect health also enjoy attending this class to supplement their regular training. They find the calm, almost meditative atmosphere, relaxing and enjoyable. Great for both beginner and advanced students.


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